Top 3 Must-Do’s for Spring Cleaning Success

April 2015 
When the warmer weather settles in so does the urge to clean, clean, clean.  We are ready to say goodbye to winter and bring in the sunshine.  Here are our top 3 must-do’s you will want to include on your spring cleaning check list. 

1.    Organize Your Closet

Clear out all those unused clothes, accessories and shoes.  Find local donation centers here and let your old items become someone else’s new.

2.    Overlooked Spots

We tend to ignore baseboards and small corners but spring cleaning is the perfect time to scrub down all those overlooked spaces.  Find our favorite cleaning spray here.

3.    Clean Under Furniture

Slide over the couch, roll up the rugs and move the kitchen appliances.  Give the hard-to-reach underneath spots a little TLC.  Check out these tricks for moving furniture in a small apartment space.
We hope you enjoyed our video links. They weren’t about spring cleaning?  April Fools! Hope they brought a smile to your day!